Did we miss you at The Convening 2021? The videos are below for you to catch up!

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Welcome & Invocation – Rachel Weinstein, Jamie Allen Black, & Rabbi Sandra Lawson

The Power of Philanthropy – Lisa Eisen & Jamie Allen Black
The Power of Technology – Sivan Ya’ari
The Power of Diversity – Kristen Kendrick & Prospére de Passe
The Power of The People – Ruth Messinger & Tali Farhadian Weinstein
The Power of Data – Gali Cooks & Elana Wien
Closing Remarks – Rachel Weinstein & Jamie Allen Black

Tuesday, October 21, 2021

Welcome – Jamie Allen Black & Stephanie Garry
The Power of Black Jewish Women in the American South – Dr. Tarece Johnson, Dr. Elizabeth Webster, & Victoria Raggs
The Power of Words – Leah Soibel, Helen Chernikoff, & Roberta Elliott

The Power of the Arts – Rachel Weinstein, Daryl Roth, & Barbara Whitman

The Power of The Law – Amy Spitalnick, Dahlia Lithwick, & Marilyn Gottlieb

Closing Remarks – Rachel Weinstein & Jamie Allen Black 

We hope you enjoyed The Convening 2021 as much as we did! Can’t get enough of powerful Jewish women leaders? Check out our upcoming events here. See you again soon!