NYS ERA Briefing: Your Life, Your Rights


“Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.”

Nearly 100 years after its introduction, there is a renewed movement for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) into the U.S. Constitution.

On January 27, 2020, Virginia became the 38th state to ratify the ERA, which completed the requirement under the U.S. Constitution (Article V) that 3/4 of the states ratify an amendment. But it has still not been officially added to the U.S. Constitution as the 28th Amendment.

In the upcoming November election, the state of New York will have an ERA that we can finally get into our state constitution. But what is being done nationally?

Please join us as we talk with Marcy Syms, co-founder, and Ting Ting Cheng, Director of the ERA Project at Columbia Law School, about the future of this proposed amendment and what it could mean for the status and protection of American women.

When: June 24, 2024, 5:30-7 PM

Where: UJA-Federation of New York, 130 East 59th Street, New York, NY or on Zoom.

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