Elluminate Series:
Briefing by Israeli Women on Current Events
Tamar Shwartz, CEO of Women’s Spirit

Join us for a briefing by Tamar Shwartz, CEO of Women’s Spirit working with victims of violence in Israel. Tamar will address the unique experiences of crisis, such as October 7, on women in vulnerable situations. She will also share her experience speaking at the March UN Commission on the Status of Women.

Tamar is a participant in Elluminate’s Women in the C-Suite network, which provides a dedicated space for Jewish women CEOs to share challenges and support one another. Tamar was a participant in NCJW’s first cohort of Israeli Feminist CEOs ‘Connecting for Impact’. Her organization is a UJA grant recipient.

Tamar Shwartz has been the CEO of Women’s Spirit since 2015. Women’s Spirit has promoted the financial independence of women survivors of physical, sexual, emotional, and economic abuse in Israel while striving to effect social change from a feminist perspective and a commitment to gender equality and social justice.

When: March 14, 4:30 PM
Where: 130 East 59th Street, 7th Floor

Thank you to our cosponsor NCJW – NY

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